Donna Ayres believes she has been continually haunted by her deceased brother Paul since 2009. She said that he died when she was younger, and also that their relationship was rocky. At first, there were just bangs and scratches on the walls, but things have escalated and it has her worried. Donna says she has been bruised by the ghost, and has even been held down on her bed. Because there have been physical disturbances, the Sefton Paranormal Investigators say the apparition would be considered a poltergeist.

If this wasn't bad enough on its own, she also has her partner and her four children to worry about, though so far they haven't been harmed by the ghost. She knows it isn't a chance occurrence based on location, as she has moved five times now and the ghost simply follows her wherever she goes. 

People doubted her story, so she began capturing anything she could with her camera phone to show people it is indeed really happening to her. Though this may be proof for some people, she now worries that filming the ghost has angered him more. 

The whole situation is quite odd and reminds me of the strange occurrence of the little girl possibly being shoved by an unseen figure. What are your thoughts? Ghost or no ghost?