Just last year was Australia's very first season of The Voice Kids. They had a lot of talented children on the show, but the best of them was Alexa Curtis. She had a very strong audition in which she sang "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys. The judges all appear to love her from the start, but wait until she hits the chorus to turn their chairs around. The two female judges turn the first time she hits the chorus, and when she sings it the second time the guys turn to join them.

The judges were charmed by her and were all very eager to be her coach, but she ultimately chose Delta Goodrem, who appears to have been the best choice for her. She continued to dominate during the show and now that she has finished as the winner, she has been signed on by Universal Music Australia.

Alexa has had a few more opportunities besides appearing on this show - she also appeared in a production of Oliver!, along with her brother. She got the opportunity to perform twice for the 2014 Schools Spectacular, as well.

The Voice Season 1 only ended last year, but hopefully we will be hearing more of her amazing voice. Check out the awesome audition that paved her way to stardom.