Medical miracles never cease to amaze me, especially when they're as dramatic as this one. When Erica Nigrelli went into labor, it definitely wasn't a typical birth situation. The day that Nigrelli, a school teacher at Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas, was to give birth to her first child, she collapsed in another teacher's classroom after claiming that she felt faint. Fortunately, Nigrelli's husband Nathan worked at the same school and rushed to his wife's aid. In an interview with CNN, Nathan told reporters that Erica was foaming at the mouth when he found her. 

Nigrelli was rushed to a nearby hospital, but it wasn't long before her heart stopped. Doctors were thankfully still able to deliver the baby girl. It wasn't until the baby was delivered that doctors went to work trying to revive Nigrelli. Then came one of the biggest miracles the hospital had ever seen - Nigrelli came back to life. 

Doctors determined that Nigrelli suffered from a heart defect that caused her to collapse the day of the birth. Today, both Nigrelli and her baby girl Elayna are as healthy as ever. Nigrelli now relies on the support of a pacemaker to ensure that she never has to revisit that day when she died and miraculously made her way back to life.

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