There are so many ways to announce a pregnancy, and people have a wide variety of reactions when they hear the news. It is always exciting to see how thrilled or freaked-out the recipients of the announcement become. The couple in this video decided to tell their three-year-old daughter, Kathryn, by reading off the title of a book that is about how to be a big sister. 

Some little kids get so excited that they cry, and others get so upset that they sob. Instead of any of that emotion, Kathryn responds with a statement that seems to come out of nowhere. Despite its irrelevance, both mom and dad laugh like crazy. At one point, it looks like Kathryn is about to try to explain why she said it, but as she listens to her mom and dad laugh, she just drops it and continues to smile. 

Watch this short video to see her response. Here is a spoiler in case you can't quite hear her: she says "I farted."