For many people, high school is representative of those formative years before we move on to adulthood. Here we learn primarily about socializing and can often fall into a category with a particular group of friends. Take for instance, these two Corpus Christi, Texas high school students: Tyrell Clay and Adam Chadwick. Clay is his high school's quarterback and generally considered the most popular guy in school. Chadwick, on the other hand, is often picked on and called names, far from popular amongst his peers. 

However, when Chadwick was nominated alongside Clay for Prom King, he deduced that it was little more than a joke meant to embarrass him. While Adam initially had no intention of attending prom, he thought he'd give it a shot and maybe somehow, things might go his way just this once. When prom night came though, it came as no surprise that Adam did not win the title of Prom King. Disappointed, he stood up there while the popular guy in school was crowned and celebrated yet again.

Adam's sadness didn't go unnoticed though, as Tyrell reminded everyone just why he was so beloved. Rather than enjoy his newfound title, Clay instead took off his crown, walked over to Adam and crowned him Prom King, declaring that they had "picked the wrong man." 

That night changed Adam's life and gave him a newfound level of self-confidence. As for Tyrell, it allowed him to do something nice for someone who was a little less fortunate.