"Snog, Marry, Avoid?" is a British reality show that celebrates natural beauty by giving people extreme make-overs. Their guests are typically heavily made up, covered in spray tan and skimpily dressed. On occasion, they also take on guests with extreme goth or punk looks. Rather than a live stylist, the show features a computer stylist called POD (personal overhaul device). Before and after each make over, POD conducts a survey of men on the street whether they would snog (kiss), marry or avoid the guest. Overwhelmingly, men tend to prefer a more natural look. 

In this episode, Mel starts off talking about all that she loves about her punk look. She knows her look is fierce and that most would avoid her, based on a glance. She is loud and proud of her tough punk persona. But see what an incredible transformation does for her. For some, going against societal norms in their fashion decisions is a powerful means of self expression. For others, however, it may be a type of shield against the world. Based on Mel's reaction to her new look, it would seem she had no idea that she could be eye-catching in a beautiful ladylike way. She was forced to let go of her hard leather studded defenses, and found the world was ready to get to know her, and she liked the way that felt.

I never would have suspected how incredible Mel's transformation ended up. What do you think of her new look? Do you think she will eventually go back to her smelly leather jacket? Did you used to have an extreme look that you traded in for something more traditional? Tell us your stories. We love to hear from you.