This couple was used to a Mallard duck laying eggs on their front patio. In fact, she'd done it four times. However, they were quite surprised to see this new mama leave the porch after only seven of the nine eggs had hatched, leaving two unhatched ducklings behind in order to escape the extreme heat in pursuit of the nearby lake. The man and woman assumed that perhaps the two straggler eggs were "duds," but soon learned otherwise when chirping sounds began emanating from one of them. Watch as the couple looks on as the duckling hatches, capturing this tiny miracle on camera!

Here at SF Globe, we understand this hatching situation is less than ideal for the little duckling, but we're relieved to see the defenseless baby animal taken out of the heat in order to have a chance to survive. We only hope it was later reunited with its mother!

What did you think of this moment? Do you agree with the couple's decision to handle the unhatched egg, or do you think they would've been better off leaving it alone? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this little duckling as precious as we did.