Ryan Spencer noticed something odd when he was watching one of his wife Jourdan's childhood home movies. He was watching a specific video of a 1988 trip to the amusement park Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. While viewing the movie, he noticed a little boy who was wearing the same exact glasses he had when he was young. He started rewinding and replaying that part of the video over and over again...before finally deciding that it was him!

At the time of the video, Ryan was 13 and Jourdan was 10. It wouldn't be until 16 years later that they would actually meet on a blind date. It is really interesting to recognize an individual from another person's home video, but even more extraordinary to see your significant other years before you would meet. Ryan and Jourdan grew up 45 minutes away from each other in New Jersey, so it was quite the coincidence that they would be at the same Pennsylvania amusement park at the very same time. 

Though it is the only time they appear to have been next to each other before their actual meeting, there was another instance in which they discovered that they had been at the same event at the same time. In 1989, Jourdan went to her very first Rolling Stones concert, and she found out that Ryan attended the same one. Though this event seems much more likely since it is a set date and time, it is still a fun coincidence. 

Check out the video to hear more about their chance encounter.