American Idol judge and famous singer Jennifer Lopez moved from behind the judges' table to the stage last week for a special performance. Seeing her up on that stage is a great reminder of why she's one of those special people helping to choose the next American Idol.
During her performance, she sang "Feel the Light" which will be used for the upcoming animated movie "Home." This stunning performance is dominated by her amazing voice, but the unique lighting really makes the show special. As the lights come up, you see she is wearing a very long white dress that has been perfectly arranged around her, but it quickly becomes a part of the performance when they project beautiful lighting displays on it. 

The crowd gives her an amazing applause afterwards and it is evident that she was also very proud of the outcome of her performance. She was quoted on Access Hollywood as saying: "It was a projection. It just came together so beautifully...I couldn't have asked for more. It's a vision I had for a long time but the way it came together was even more than I imagined."

Check out the video and see what you think of her beautiful singing and the unique lighting performance that accompanies her.