I'm not sure I've ever seen better-trained dogs than these German Shepherds. Watch as master trainer Augusto Deoliveira demonstrates incredible control over these canines, walking them closely without leashes and ensuring they stay put no matter how frantically he runs around trying to distract them. We were certain these pups were leashed given how tightly they walked in formation with Mr. Deoliveira, but lo and behold, they're just that well-behaved.

Augusto Deoliveira employs his expertise at the Griffin Shepherd Kennels on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. According to the kennel's website, this talented gentleman grew up in Brazil around many dogs, and developed an intuition for the pack that enabled him to teach and communicate with these animals remarkably well. He's since built an international reputation for his ability to train dogs of all breeds, and definitely represents the consummate "dogman." Here at SF Globe, we thought our own pups were pretty well-behaved until we got a look at these German Shepherds!

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