Going Off Grid is a part of Seeker Stories, in which Laura Ling checks out all the ways people have taken themselves off the grid. One of the living structures she toured was pro-snowboarder Mike Basich's tiny mountain cabin.
Mike wanted his own little piece of paradise hidden off the grid in the mountains, so he set out to build one himself. His cozy 225-square-foot home is situated on 40 acres in the mountains near Truckee, CA, and has lots of little details that you might overlook if he wasn't onsite to give you a tour. It doesn't have any plumbing, but it gets running water from streams that are nearby. He may not have an actual shower or indoor toilet, but he installed a hot tub outside. Also, take a look and see if you notice anything interesting about the cabin's shape. He'll talk about that when he gives his tour.

With his awesome tiny cabin, he can now live off the grid in a world that is his playground. Take a look at his video and see what you think of his small slice of snowy paradise.