A baby's birth is the most special moment in a mom's life. For Danielle Templer, something happened during her baby's birth that would haunt her forever. Just after her son Maddox's birth, she heard him give out a scream that would stay with her even years later. It turns out the doctor had accidentally dropped him after her emergency C-section. This trauma to his head left him with Moebius Syndrome, which prevents him from being able to smile. 

Luckily, despite the facial paralysis, Maddox is (at the time this video originally aired) a perfectly healthy 5-year-old boy, but his parents want more for him. Maddox's parents, Danielle and Charlie, set up a Go Fund Me page in an effort to raise the $100,000 that is necessary to pay for the facial reanimation surgery he needs. 

Besides helping him smile, the surgery could also help him speak and eat with more ease. His parents are also worried about his ability to make friends when he starts school, as kids won't understand why he won't smile at them. They haven't reached their fundraising goal yet, but I'm sure they are still hopeful they will get there some day.