If you have ever been pregnant, you know that a lot more happens to your body than just a swollen belly. As your body begins to prepare for birth and lactation, specific hormones surge through your system, causing a myriad of other effects. Looser joints and muscles, combined with a drastic change in weight balance, make most women clumsy and slower in their movements. 
Well, apparently Ellen's guest did not get that memo. Even with a belly the size of a beach ball, she breaks it down on the dance floor better than I could -and I'm not even pregnant! Clearly, she loves to dance and isn't letting pregnancy stop her. If you don't have any pregnancy risks such as preeclampsia, dancing can be a great way to exercise while pregnant. Just be sure to listen to your body. Quick, jerky movements and lots of jumping can cause injury to joints, so take things as slowly as you deem safe. 

That said, turn up that music, Momma - and dance your heart out! Baby will love the boost in endorphins. 

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