Every winter, it's the same old song and dance. The earth freezes over and I crank the heat to the max in my apartment — hoping to stave off the inevitable cold front that will linger through those bitter months. We're just approaching the coldest part of the year, so this tip couldn't have come at a better time. In the video below, AlaskaGranny explains the benefits of covering your windows in Bubble Wrap for the winter.

For many families, heat doesn't come easily. In New York alone, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, helped nearly 1.5 million families with heating assistance, but there are still people that are freezing every winter. 

When the cold comes, people have dozens of different approaches to help keep themselves warm. Some resort to cheap heating techniques, as shown in this terra-cotta pot furnace we recently featured. 

The tip featured in this clip below takes a different approach. Instead of focusing on how to get a space to warm up, this tip from AlaskaGranny on YouTube illustrates how to keep already-existing warmth inside your home, which can be a problem for many folks. You can have the best residential furnace on the planet, and it'll still be no match for a drafty window. 

The woman in the video below uses Bubble Wrap as a window insulator during those chilly months, and apparently, it makes a huge difference. I'm particularly impressed with how she gets it to stick. 

AlaskaGranny loads up a spray bottle with water, and after cutting the Bubble Wrap to fit the window, she sprays the plastic and the pane of glass that she's about to mount it to. With the bubble side facing away from the inside of her house, she's able to get this wrap to cling to the window. It's similar to those Saran Wrap-esque window coverings, but if you've got Bubble Wrap laying around, it's an easy, cheap DIY alternative.

With the heat these wraps are keeping in, it's clear that she'll save a good chunk of change every winter.

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