If you’re anything like us, you associate pouring concrete with heavy construction. However, did you know you could actually use it to make pretty DIY home decor? (Don't worry, neither did we.)

Watch as the talented ladies from The Sorry Girls pour sand concrete into recyclable containers to create the coolest little planters we’ve ever seen. They even take the project one step further by giving the planters paint jobs, producing final masterpieces so chic, you’d think they purchased them at Crate and Barrel!
Here at SF Globe, we'll never look at our recycling bins in the same way, and now we’re super curious to try this craft ourselves. After seeing this, we're ready to kiss those boring plastic planters goodbye and give our succulents some well-deserved new homes! 

What did you think of The Sorry Girls' project? Did you know you could use cement to create something so darling? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this DIY as unexpectedly awesome as we did.