Indiana Governor Mike Pence declared at a press conference on Tuesday that the state's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act would not allow businesses to deny services to members of the gay community for religious reasons. 

Pence said he has ordered that a new bill be written up to clarify that discrimination will not be tolerated under the new law. 

"I don't believe for a minute that it was the intention of the General Assembly to create a license to discriminate, or a right to deny services to gays, lesbians, or anyone else in this state," he said. "But I can appreciate that that's become the impression -- not just here in Indiana, but all across this country. And we need to confront that." 

Pence and the state of Indiana itself have received major backlash after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act -- which allows businesses being sued by private parties to use religious beliefs as a defense -- was announced last week. 

Both Connecticut and Washington have banned state-funded travel to Indiana, The Huffington Post reports, while certain concerts, comedy shows, and other events set to take place there were also cancelled in a show of protest.