Rebecca Kirtman was just 16 years of age when she was killed in a tragic automobile accident, but she certainly made her mark on the world. Rebecca was a caring, loving individual who began "Becca's Closet" when she was just a freshman in high school. "Becca's Closet" is a foundation that aims to provide less-privileged high school girls with dresses and accessories for school dances. Rebecca was inspired by a similar organization, and as soon as she learned of that organization, she instantly knew she wanted to do something similar.

Here at SFG, we were completely awe-struck by this teenager's selflessness and compassion for those around her. It's tragic that the world lost such a good person at such a young age, but her dream lives on. Still today, "Becca's Closet" is helping young women get the dress they've always dreamed of, and more. They also offer scholarships to individuals who they think resemble Rebecca in all her charming ways.

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