Growing up after your father leaves your family can be rough. You may spend much of your life wondering why, and you may never get an answer. You question if it was something you did, or at the very least something you could have prevented. But as you grow, you have to learn to not only forgive yourself, but forgive everyone involved. 

Wanda's father abandoned her family in 1969. She never heard from him after that, but grew up living a healthy life. She eventually went into nursing, as she wanted to care for the sick. One day a patient came in, a man who was at the final stage of a battle with cancer that had lasted a year and a half. He didn't have much time left - but as if fate was giving him one more chance, it was revealed to him that his nurse was none other than Wanda, the daughter he abandoned. It must have been very tough for Wanda to come face-to-face with the father that abandoned her, but she decided this was a time for reconciliation and forgiveness, not for bitterness and hatred.