As soon as you have your first child, the amount of laundry in your house seems to double. How can such a small being create so much laundry? It doesn't ease up as they get older, and I can only imagine how often the machines must run in a house of eight. One mom decided to be proactive in creating some peace and organization around this chore. 

Ronda Batchelor's redesign of her laundry room is awesome. It is highly functional and organized, and forces her children to be proactive in sorting and putting away their own clothes. But what really stands out to me is that she did it all with $400, some creative thinking and a little time in the workshop. A custom redesign of a small room can easily run thousands of dollars, but Ronda proves that you don't need to have a lot of money to do great things in your home. 

What do you think of how she transformed her space? Whether you got a few ideas from her design or just want to commend her for her work, tell us in the comments section below.