Poor James Corden. Not only is he just getting started as the host of The Late Late Show, but now he's being mercilessly pranked by his guests, too! Watch as he welcomes Katie Couric onstage, only to watch a stuntwoman pretending to be her tumble down the stairs in spectacular fashion. His terrified reaction? It definitely speaks for itself. 

Here at SF Globe, we tip our caps to Katie Couric's April Fool's shenanigans! She may have a demure reputation, but she's sure not afraid to flex her silly muscles in the name of a good prank. We're just glad she didn't make Corden panic too long, promptly revealing herself at the top of the stairs and saving him any further agony. While the Late Late Show host took the setup all in stride, we're pretty sure he lost a few years off his life (or at least grew a couple grey hairs) during this hoax!

What did you think of Ms. Couric's prank? What's the best April Fool's hi-jink you've ever pulled off? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this as hysterical as we did!