Seeing the truck featured in the video below trundling down the road might not inspire a second glance or further inspection. But not examining it more closely would be a missed opportunity, because once it pulls off the road, something magical happens: it transforms into a lovely, totally habitable castle! Every space has been utilized efficiently to allow several luxuries in an extremely small area. Once the "castle" is unfolded, it houses a bathroom, shower, full kitchen, rooftop bath, and more.  

The "castle" is the latest in the small-house trend that's taking the world by storm. A group of people have discovered that by scaling back their lifestyles and living small,  they're able to save a ton of money and lower their impact on Earth's resources. Even though the houses are small, they're undeniably comfy.

How do you feel about the tiny-house movement? Do you think you'd ever move into such a small living space? I was unsure at first, but after seeing this transforming truck, I think my mind might be changed! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!