Vina Lustado's tiny home is so beautiful, it's difficult to believe that it's only 140 square feet! After a modest upbringing in the Philippines, this innovative homeowner and designer decided to lay down roots in Ojai, California. To this day, she values a simplistic lifestyle reminiscent of her childhood and deliberately chooses to invest her time in meaningful things like family and relationships, rather than toil over the maintenance of a large home.

Positioned in a south-facing direction for efficient heating and cooling, Vina's breathtaking tiny home is constructed out of rot-resistant cedar and is actually lightweight enough to be transported by truck. Her water system also recycles all water, which she then uses to nurture the gorgeous vegetation surrounding the property. However, Vina's humble abode isn't without its luxury items (such as a propane gas fireplace and a 10-foot-long skylight loft), proving what an architectural masterpiece this place truly is.

It's all too easy to admire Vina's simple-yet-oh-so-chic property; she truly proves how little space is needed in order to find happiness. What did you think of her domestic oasis in Ojai? Would you ever be interested in joining the tiny home movement? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this place as glorious as we did!