It's no secret that Ellen DeGeneres loves a good prank. However, when she wrangles in other celebrities to do her dirty work, things tend to get a little kooky. Watch below as she recruits the help of Dennis Quaid, sending him to a Starbucks with a secret earpiece and instructing him to say and do bizarre things. The outcome totally perplexes the baristas, who have no idea he's pulling a fast one on them and instead believe the famous actor in front of them is legitimately crazy. The way it all plays out is seriously hysterical, but perhaps no part is funnier than listening to Ellen giggle with glee. It's such a classic segment that puts a big smile on our faces.

Do you have a favorite Ellen prank? What would you have done if you'd seen Dennis Quaid acting so strangely? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this as hilarious as we did.