These days, a lot of us own smartphones and we always have them nearby. That's why this creative DIY is so cool: not only is it incredibly practical, but it's actually also super chic. Watch as The Sorry Girls demonstrate how to make a phone dock out of concrete, giving you a functional place to prop up your phone while it charges. Their supplies are so simple, too: all you need to craft this for yourself are items like an empty milk carton, a pair of scissors, a plastic container, and cement (these DIY queens explain the full list in the video down below). 

Here at SF Globe, we love the notion of creating our home accessories with our own bare hands, rather than spending exorbitant amounts of money at the store. And while we see a lot of projects floating around the internet, there's something utilitarian and modern about this decoration that totally makes us want to try it out! Who knew a phone dock could be so covet-worthy?

What are your favorite DIY projects? Would you ever give this one a shot at home? Sound off in the comments below, and make sure to share if you found this concrete phone dock as enviable as we did!