Lisl Steiner is a photographer, photojournalist, and documentary filmmaker whose photos of politically and culturally important figures in the 1950s and 1960s earned her notable recognition. Now 87 years old, though she refers to herself as 88 years old because she likes to be "one year ahead," she tells all in this interview for the Youtube series "The What's Underneath Project." No topic is off-limits for Lisl, and her honesty is incredibly refreshing. Her blunt way of speaking and her incredibly wise take on the state of the world make for a truly entertaining interview, so sit back and enjoy!

"The What's Underneath Project" was started by Elisa Goodkind and her daughter Lily Mandelbaum, and the series of interviews tells the stories of some extraordinary individuals. The aim of the project is to show that authentic personal style derives from a sense of self-love and confidence rather than from the material items you choose to wear. Goodkind and Mandelbaum ask each of their interview subjects to strip down over the course of the interview, and while this may seem a bit strange at first, they explain that "they will remove their clothes to honor how style is not the clothes you wear, it is comfort in your skin, it is your spirit, it is What's Underneath." It won't take you long to realize that Lisl lives her life by this kind of ideology; her spirit is fiery and passionate, and she embraces it. She knows that her body is a representation of everything she has been through in her life, and she's proud of that. 

Lisl is an amazing reminder that age certainly does not have to limit the spirit; she's one of the spunkiest 87-year-olds I've ever seen. Too often we fear and dread what age will do our minds and bodies. We get hung up on wrinkles, gray hairs, a few extra pounds, and then a few more; we worry that these things make us lesser over time. Lisl, however, shows us the attitude that we all should adopt as we get older; she doesn't care in the slightest about her wrinkles, the marks from her surgery, and the other physical indications of age. The contents of her character are what make her such an extraordinary individual, and nothing else really matters; that's a lesson we could all stand to learn from. 

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