It's stories like this that prove miracles really do happen. I've come across a number of miraculous medical stories, but none as dramatic as this. No matter how many times I watch the video or read about this story, I'm still in awe over how the events surrounding this baby's birth progressed. There are so many complications that can potentially occur when bringing a child into this world, which is why giving birth is not only an exciting and special experience for parents, but also one fraught with nervousness about the overall health of the baby. 

In the case of Analia Bouter, nervousness is probably an understatement, considering the birth of her baby girl, Luz Milagros. Just six months pregnant, Bouter delivered her baby prematurely at a hospital in Resistencia in northeast Argentina - only to be told that the child was a stillborn. The baby was placed inside a coffin within a morgue, where the body was then refrigerated for more than ten hours. Before leaving behind their baby, Bouter and her husband Fabian Veron paid a visit to the morgue to see the child one last time. Veron pried open the coffin, which was when the muffled cry of the baby girl emerged. She was rushed to neonatal care where she was maintained in stable condition. 

The story of Baby Luz shook the Argentinian hospital and had Bouter thanking God for the miracle of her child. This shocking event was beyond the understanding of the hospital staff, and I can definitely understand why. Watch the incredible story and share your reaction with us in the comments.