It's never fun to watch perfectly good weather slip away from you in mere minutes, especially when that weather is being enjoyed on a sun-soaked beach surrounded by calm, inviting waters. Such was the case on July 12, 2014, on a stretch of sandy beach in Novosibirsk, Russia. The Siberian city's sunny weather from earlier that day attracted residents to the beach bordering the Ob River, as described in USA Today. Despite the summery climate, beachgoers received quite the shock when their happy weather abruptly turned sour mid-swim.
The following video was taken by a bystander on the beach when inclement weather rolled through the city. The footage shows once-content beachgoers scrambling for coverage as a powerful hailstorm rapidly arrives on the scene. According to Yahoo News, the hailstorm caused temperatures to drop from 106 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees in mere minutes. 

The video captures the magnitude of the storm with golf-ball-sized hail pelting the beach and powerful gusts of wind whipping across the waterfront. Video footage captures commentary from some of the bystanders, many of whom seem amused rather than scared of the abrupt storm. Several people are caught laughing as they scamper out of the water toward refuge amid strong rain and hail. 

While this video may present a lighthearted view of the severe weather, the storm was far from innocuous. The hailstorm may not have been as strong as a hurricane storm, but it still wreaked havoc and caused fatalities. USA Today reports that two little girls lost their lives after the storm sent a large tree into their tent, causing severe brain injury that proved too traumatic to recover from. 

Yahoo News describes the storm as a "rare natural occurrence" for this area of Russia.