Imagine this: you're walking in a subway or train station, anxious about boarding on time. You're so focused/preoccupied that you don't notice much else going on around you. You don't notice the swarm of people, or the advertisements, or the announcements over the loud speaker. All of a sudden, with the passing of a train, a print ad changes right before your eyes and stops you dead in your tracks. Suddenly, that's all you can think about and you've forgotten all about your train. You're fixated on one simple sentence.

That was the goal of this Swedish subway ad. A seemingly normal print ad has a drastic change in message when a subway car comes in. The reveal has onlookers stopping in their tracks, unable to look away. Click the video below to find out for yourself the extent of this powerful message, and be sure to share the video on Facebook. What did you think? Would this grab your attention? Let us know your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on this clip.