When the Detroit Pistons' Dance Cam panned over to this nonchalant usher, we were honestly expecting him to give a friendly wave. However, never in a million years did we anticipate that this guy would steal the entire show! Watch as this unassuming man in the white shirt breaks out the most epic Michael Jackson choreography during "Billie Jean," dancing up a storm with moves worthy of a music video! Here at SF Globe, we're not sure what's more entertaining: this employee's killer moves or how the crowd goes completely wild for his Jumbotron surprise!

According to The Daily Mail, this "Dancing Usher" goes by the name of Shannon Sailes and after going viral, he actually received worldwide press (including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel). Now he's famous among Detroit Pistons fans, making frequent appearances dancing during games. His most iconic move? Crossing his arms and signaling to the video crew that he's done. Mr. Sailes is such a champ!

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