"Britain's Got Talent" is always chock-full of talented individuals and groups who shock and stun the judges and guests. There is always an array of talent on display, meaning there's never a dull moment on stage. Add in the personalities of the judges, and you've got yourself quite the show. The clip below comes from a recent episode of the program, in which the world is introduced to Frenchman Marc Métral and his dog Wendy. "I have a special guest for you," he tells the judges, before bringing Wendy on stage. The 61-year-old places his pooch on a pedestal and begins asking her questions, leaving both the judges and the crowd with puzzled looks on their faces.

Before long, though, the crowd is blown away. Métral's routine may not be what anyone expected, but that only adds to the intrigue. We won't spoil it for you - go ahead and watch! Have you ever seen anything like it? Were you as impressed as we were? Let us know your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on this piece and be sure to share the video on Facebook!