Ten-year-old Holly Steel was sailing through the preliminary rounds of Britain's Got Talent, and at the beginning of her semi-final performance it seemed as though everything was going to continue as planned. She stepped on stage, opened her mouth, and mesmerized the crowd like she had done from Day One.

Something tragic was about to happen, though. As if someone pulled the plug on her microphone, little Holly's voice stopped producing the powerfully sweet melodies that had taken her this far. She was having a meltdown in front of a live audience, televised to millions. When she starts back up again to the delight of the crowd, you can see the judges pulling for her to fly out of this tailspin, but then it happens again. She's broken. Her mother approaches the stage as the show's hosts Ant and Dec walk up to comfort her. Confusion breaks out as she begs to start the song over, crying and pleading. When she's informed there wouldn't be enough time in the show, it's like we're watching her dreams shatter in real time.

In a rare heartfelt moment from Simon Cowell, he assures Holly that they will do whatever it takes to make sure she can try again before the show is over. When she does comes back on to the encouraging roar of the crowd, you better believe that she wasn't going to let this moment slip from her hands. Her gutsy performance leads to a standing ovation from everyone in the room, judges included. The performance would catapult Holly into the finals, where she would ultimately place 6th. A truly spectacular finish for someone so young, brave, and talented.