This isn't the first DIY craft we've seen from The Sorry Girls that has us using outdoor artifacts to spruce up our homes. However, we're totally loving this nature-inspired way to organize jewelry. Watch as these clever ladies demonstrate how to make a DIY hanging jewelry tree, decorating tree branches and stringing them from the ceiling as a unique way to both store your favorite accessories as well as show them off! (After all, you may have paid a pretty penny for some of these pieces, so why stash them away in a box where you can't look at them?!)

Here at SF Globe, The Sorry Girls' ingenuity never ceases to amaze us and we love how many creative ideas they give us for our homes! The best part about their DIYs is how accessible they are, using common household items rather than requiring elaborate, expensive supplies. Their projects range from purely decorative to seriously functional (and often times, both!) and we definitely can't wait to scour their Youtube page for more ideas!

What did you think about their DIY hanging jewelry tree? Fabulous or frivolous? Would you try this at home, or do you have a preferred way to store all your favorite accessories? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share if you found this craft as nifty as we did!