It's not often that Stephanie gets to communicate with her distant father. Make no mistake that when I say "distant," I  really mean distant. While her dad's career only puts him 200 miles away from her, those 200 miles seem much more extreme when you learn that they are straight up in the sky. He's an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS), which according to Nasa is the size of a football field and was launched on Nov. 20, 1998.

Hyundai teamed up with Stephanie to try and send her dad a message of love in a very unique way. They sent 11 cars to the desert to carve a message in the crusted earth so large that it could be seen from space, and ultimately, by her father. The video depicts Stephanie's obvious admiration for her dad, and shows the beautiful dance across the desert these cars perform in order to write him one very special message. In the process, they officially entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the "largest tire track image" on earth. Once the message is written, they anxiously wait until the ISS passes over their location. Then, it happens.

Her father captures the massively (in both gesture and sheer size) sweet message of "Steph (Heart)'s You" on camera and replies sweetly with "I love you, and, thank you." Their message mission was a resounding success, and though the space station has over an acre of solar panels on it, I bet his stay was just a bit sunnier on this day.