Hannah Kritzeck might suffer from primordial dwarfism, but her energetic zest for life has friends calling her a 'triple threat' talent. Despite her small stature, this 19-year-old sings, dances ballet and hip-hop, and lives life much larger than her 39-inch frame would suggest. 

It's hard for Hannah to avoid the occasional stare or rude comment. Oftentimes, adults mistake her for a five-year-old, and there are even instances where five-year-olds have made the same error. In spite of her shortened life expectancy and physical condition, she has the heart of a superstar and wants to show the world just how capable she is. Through singing and dancing, Hannah is constantly finding new projects to challenge herself and grow in every aspect of life that she can. She wants all of the same things her peers want: children, a boyfriend (with a mohawk no less), and she wants that boyfriend to be cute. I don't think she is asking for too much, do you?

Her close friends obviously recognize the significant height difference, but they don't let that one characteristic define her as a person. To them she's no different, and that level of acceptance is really all that any of us want from our friends. Hannah's condition is ultra-rare. In fact, it's estimated that only 100 patients with her disorder live in the U.S. and Canada. For more insight into her world, the TLC television show 'Little & Looking For Love' has decided to follow Hannah and chronicle what it's like living as a teen with primordial dwarfism.