An American farmer died suddenly last summer, but it took six months for the Center For Disease Control (CDC) to determine that the disease likely came from a tick bite. A report from the NY Times mentioned that the farmer was first admitted to the hospital with symptoms such as a high fever and muscle aches.

Given that the farmer was used to working long hours outside, as well as getting bitten by ticks, nobody suspected anything out of the ordinary. Consequently, doctors initially treated the patient for common tick-borne diseases. However, all of those results were negative. 

Unfortunately, within 10 days from the time the farmer first entered the hospital, he passed. The disease he had was sudden and severe, resulting in both kidney and lung failure. 

It turns out he was infected with a virus that officials are referring to as the "Bourbon Virus" — named for the Kansas county in which this farmer was infected. 

He's the first and only victim of this mysterious virus — Dr. Dana Hawkinson of The University Of Kansas Hospital states that no virus like this one has ever been identified in the Western hemisphere. Unfortunately for this man, viruses are not affected by antibiotics, which would have left him without a treatment regardless of whether he knew he was infected. 

Hawkinson told NY Times that it's possible there have been people who were infected with a milder version of this disease, but researchers currently don't have any leads.

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