For some families more than others, the miracle of childbirth is exactly that. A miracle. After ten years of marriage and five years of infertility, Doug Price and his wife sat in front of the camera to film what he thought was a contest entry for a free trip to Aruba. Little did he know that hiding in his wife's pocket was a pregnancy test that would change their lives forever.

Her delivery was as subtle as it was genius. After mentioning that the happy couple had honeymooned in Aruba nearly a decade prior, she nonchalantly suggests that this trip would be fantastic for their 'babymoon.' At that moment, she whips out her pregnancy test and shows it to her now stunned and confused husband. As the shock melts away from Doug's face, euphoria (still mixed with a bit of confusion) overwhelms him as they embrace the miracle of all miracles. They were finally going to be parents.

For anyone who has experienced issues with infertility, or known someone who has, you know just how meaningful a moment like this can be. There are roughly 1.5 million married women between the ages of 15-44 who are infertile in the United States, so while Doug and his wife didn't win the free trip to Aruba, they truly won the biggest contest of them all.