The following images may seem like beautiful artworks but actually feature the latest masterpieces in body painting.

While body painting has existed for a long time (e.g. consider the traditional Indian hand painting called henna), over recent years, the art form has become increasingly mainstream and popular. For example, body painting is now seen not only done in an artist's studio but also more casually in various urban landscapes.

Please note that often times, it's not immediately obvious how the human form is integrated in the following artworks. This is a testament to the skill of the artist who created it.

1. Natalie Fletcher
2. Ray Massey
3. Snake body art
4. Johannes Stotter - The following frog body art was created using 5 people.
5. Johannes Stotter - "Autumn"
6. Urban graffiti
7. Graffiti on this girl's back
8. Double feature spotted at World Bodypainting Festival 2013
12. Halloween costume made with body art
13. Starry night
14. Camouflage
15. Henna hand painting, typically drawn on brides
16. Tribal body painting from Africa
17. Make up body paint
18. Lotus by Trina Merry
19. Hand body painting
20. Corset
21. Sagittarius
22. Tim Engle
23. JZino
24. Gesine Marwedel
25. Emma Hack
26. Craig Tracy
27. Gesine Marwedel
28. Cheryl Lipstreu
29. Alexa Meade
32. Craig Tracy
33. Typography by Anastasia Durasova
34. Gesine Marwedel
37. Gesine Marwedel