Sometimes all it takes is a touching act of kindness to remind one that goodness still exists in the world. While filming for the TV show "The Profit," self-made millionaire and the show's star Marcus Lemonis encounters a pregnant woman working two jobs. Her name is Tami and she works as a store manager and a bartender while preparing for the arrival of her little one. 

When Lemonis tells her what he wants to do with her management position given the circumstances she's in, she totally breaks. No longer will she have to bartend for a second job, Lemonis tells her that she'll be in charge of the location and that he's going to provide her with six-month's pay up front so she can rest easy taking her maternity leave. 

"The Profit" follows Lemonis as he invests in struggling small businesses and helps turn them around. Tami will never forget the day that Lemonis turned his attention to her store and made the monumental impact on her career and family life. Watch the video and share your thoughts on this story in the comments section below!