One of the most precious moments in life for a parent is the moment you get to bring home a newborn. All of the anticipation and prep work gives way to the relaxation and joy that comes with finally holding your beautiful child between familiar walls. 

When you already have a child (or more than one), the unpredictability of how the older sibling will react to the family's newest addition might be even more precious. The day before this mom gets to bring home her newborn, she gives her son the formal introduction to his baby sister. Fortunately for them (and us), the cameras were rolling.

As their son starts listing off all of the body parts that his new sister has, it's almost too adorable to bear. He gets a big surprise, however, when one particular body part seems to be 'missing.' His mom and dad will have the luxury of watching his hilarious discovery on repeat for the rest of their lives. Do you have a similar story? We'd love for you to spread the joy and tell us what you thought of this sweet interaction in the comments.