Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Friday that the Justice Department has launched an investigation into the Baltimore Police Department following the death of Freddie Gray, 25, who died in police custody earlier this month. 

According to Reuters, the probe will address use of excessive force, unlawful searches and arrests, and discriminatory policing in Baltimore. 

A similar investigation into the Ferguson Police Department following the death of Michael Brown concluded in March that police there routinely employed racial bias. 

"It was clear to a number of people looking at this situation that the community's rather frayed trust -- to use an understatement -- was even worse and has in effect been severed in terms of the relationship with the police department," said Lynch on Friday. "In order to address this issue, I was asked by city officials and community leaders to augment our approach to the situation." 

If the investigation concludes that the Baltimore Police Department routinely violated the Constitution or federal law, an order will be issued to reform its practices, according to Buzzfeed News.