Britain's Got Talent auditions are exciting in their own right, but there's nothing like a gripping backstory to tug on our heartstrings and take a performance over the top. At first glance, The Neales may look like your typical boy band foursome. However, this father and his three sons are anything but "fluff" and have actually endured incredibly difficult times after Laurie, the dad, nearly died from a heart attack.
Now, years later, his devoted sons are determined to help him realize a lifelong dream by singing together on the Britain's Got Talent stage. Suffice it to say, their rendition of the Everly Brothers' "When Will I Be Loved?" moved us to tears (and they're actually really good)! It's wonderful to witness such a special family moment, and The Neales most certainly prove that unconditional support from our loved ones can help us move mountains.

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