I don't have a problem with feet. I don't begrudge the airplane passenger in front of me for reclining his seat as far back as it will go. I'm not even upset if your child thumps the back of my chair a couple of times. I see these as part of what we have to deal with in the cramped spaces that now pass for plane seats. But I do have a problem with you pushing your toes between the seats to rest them on my arm rest. I do have a problem with you saying nothing while your child repeatedly kicks the back of my chair and laughs. And maybe I'm just a curmudgeon, but yes, clipping and filing your toe nails only to leave them on the floor is disgusting. 

Have we completely lost sight of common courtesy, or do we now feel so entitled to our own comforts that we simply don't care about others sharing our space? As a mother who has flown many times with young children, I am appalled that anyone would think it was okay to leave a dirty diaper for the flight attendants to clean, or to have a child potty in the aisle. I know flying isn't the luxury it once was, but come on, people! For those hours we are trapped together, is it too much to ask that we keep our bodies and bodily wastes within designated areas? I am also outraged that this kind of behavior is acceptable while some airlines consider breast-feeding mothers to be obscene. 

Have you ever seen anything like this? What are some of your in-flight horror stories, and what suggestions do you have to curb some of this behavior?