When Dr. David Jones saw this Qdoba employee doing this, he knew he had to get it on film.

She was a complete stranger to Ridge Quarles, and even now we don't know her name or who she is, but that didn't stop him from helping this disabled woman enjoy a meal.  Apparently, Qdoba is one of her favorite places in the world to eat but, due to her disability, it is an incredible journey for her to eat there.  From the very beginning, she sometimes has to wait at the door for another customer to enter or exit before getting inside, and once inside things get even more complicated.
Ridge had worked at the local Qdoba for over five years, and during that time he's served many customers; however, he was surprised when this particular one asked him if he would help her eat. It was a strange request, but Ridge immediately realized that if he wasn't going to do it, nobody else was going to help.

So, without any further prompting or hesitation, he put on some gloves and helped her enjoy her meal.  Watch this act of kindness surreptitiously caught on camera by Dr. David Jones, a local patron of the restaurant, as well as the follow-up interview with Ridge and his experience with this customer.