18-year-old Madeline Stuart with Down Syndrome wanted to be a model and began losing weight. She lost up to 44 lbs (20kg). 

How does Maddy's Mom respond? She says, "I want people to stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ when I tell them my daughter has Down syndrome, because it’s a very naive statement.  If the average person could see the beauty Maddy has inside, how loving and caring she is and if that is what people measured beauty on, then most of the models in the world would have Down syndrome. I feel so blessed to have a daughter like Maddy, I won lotto the day she was born." 
Watch this incredible video below and help change society's perception of models! We need more people like Maddy to come out of the shadows and to show the world just how special they are. Maddy's confidence is inspiring, and it's something everyone should see.