We know it's hard to keep your home or car clean. It takes so much time and not everyone knows all the secrets out there. That's why we compiled this list of some of the most useful hacks we found! 

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 
1. Vinegar can be your best friend.


2.  Here's a hack for cleaning hair brushes:
Place the brush in a bowl of hot water and add a couple drops of shampoo or soap. Scrub with a toothbrush and let the entire brush soak for a few minutes. Air dry and you'll have a new hairbrush in a few hours. 


3. Baking soda is also your best friend. Look at the effect it has on this stove top! 

4. Stock up on Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers. They can clean scratches on white walls too! 





5. Clean your hot grill with an onion! The onion helps loosen all that grit and grime. 


6. For those feeling lazy, you can always 'wrap' the car seats: 

7.  You can also choose to self-detail your car with a homemade solution of club soda, vinegar, and soap. 

8.  Clean pet hair with a squeegee. 

9. Here's a fast way of cleaning that microwave: 


10.  Fun way to organize your car and clear the clutter. 

11.  One way to clean those vents both inside car and home! You can also use a Q-tip.