Ace Eicher is a little girl with a very special message about her brother that she wants to share with the world. In a video uploaded to YouTube on March, 2012, Ace narrates the tale of her adopted brother Archie, a boy who was once cast aside because he was born with Down syndrome, but found a new life in the America. Her touching tribute has been viewed over 2.6 million times, which shows just how impactful her feelings towards Archie really are. 

Ace begins by explaining how Archie started his life in Bulgaria, but states that,"When the doctor said he had Down syndrome, the mom said she couldn't keep him." After admitting to the camera that she didn't quite understand why Archie's first mother couldn't keep him, she shrugs the notion off by saying, "but whatever, I'm just happy he's my brother."

Archie's loving relationship with his sister was shared with the world in honor of World Down Syndrome Day, which this past March just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Currently there are approximately 400,000 people in the United States with Down syndrome, but Ace's hope is that by watching her video Archie will not be treated differently, because as she puts it, "he's just like any other kid."