One dog is about to prove that sometimes the best protests are of the silent variety. One by one, these obedient pups hear their names called out for dinner time. And one by one, they scurry through the open gate to get some chow. Everything is going smoothly until the Labrador in the back passively lets his opinion be known about going last.

While the other dogs are more than content to give undivided attention to their owner, Echo's back is turned as if to say "I don't have to stand for this kind of treatment." This induces quite a laugh from Echo's owner. Ultimately, the adorable Lab reluctantly accepts his fate and trudges to get his dinner with the rest of his buddies.

While it's easy for us to assign emotions to animals based on their behavior, it really does seem as if the dog is protesting his treatment. Why else would a pup be reluctant to eat? I know that my own dog would just be happy to have his dinner!

What did you think about how well-trained and behaved these dogs are? More importantly, how hilarious was Echo's reaction to being called last? Let us know in the comments below, and share this with all your K-9 loving friends.