Gracie Wickens-Sweet is only 10 years old. Thatt's easy to forget that after listening to her unbelievable voice. Watch as this darling girl belts Christina Aguilera's hit song "Reflections" on the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals. 

She leaves the judges looking at each other incredulously – her voice is that good. This hit happens to be the standout track from Disney's Mulan soundtrack. After a flawless performance like this, we wouldn't be surprised if Gracie is providing the voices for future Disney princesses! 

Regardless of what happens on BGT, it's safe to say that this girl is going to be a big star. With pipes like these, she'll only get better with age. Add top-notch vocal training, and you've got yourself a recipe for superstardom!

What did you think of Gracie's performance? With a voice like that, what song would you like to hear her take on? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to share the video if this pint-sized songstress blew you away like she did us.