When 'Piff The Magic Dragon' stepped out onto the 'America's Got Talent' stage, nobody was sure what to expect. For starters, it's not every day you see a fully grown man wearing a dragon costume, but he also didn't seem to have much spark or spirit in his stride. His quirky character is quickly revealed, however, when he begins his hilarious act.

His routine was as much stand-up comedy as it was magic, but it didn't consist of contrived one-liners; rather, it was chock-full of improvised quips based on the judges' immediate reactions. His dry wit had the audience roaring as it almost seemed like his character didn't even want to be there. This just made his amazing magic trick that much more spectacular. His sophomoric approach seemed to accentuate the fact that he's a top-notch professional.

He had the judges in the palm of his hands and I can't blame them for eating him up. It was so refreshing to watch someone who really cares for his craft come up with such a clever and unique performance. He even brought up Heidi Klum to help him with his trick...a trick over which I am still scratching my head.

So what did you think of his performance? Considering how hard it was to take him seriously with that outfit, I for one was very entertained. I think he has a bright future ahead of him in whatever entertainment career he chooses, so spread this video and help make him a star if you agree.