Many of us have fond memories of growing up and thinking our parents aren't cool. They never had the hippest style or knew the newest trends, and even though we loved them, we were always hesitant to be seen out in public with them. Well, these four dads have something to say about that.

In honor of Father's Day, these padres composed a fantastic rap on just what it means to be a dad. The song, titled "Dad Life," is a hilarious peek through the window of the common dad's experiences. They seem to be very self-aware of their status in society, and instead of trying to deny it, they embrace it.

One by one these prose-producing poppas delve into their everyday life with witty rhymes and satirical introspection. They play off like they lead a mundane existence, which makes the hip-hop beat they rap over even more fitting. That said, I could probably have done without the visual of the one gentleman's 'manscape.'

What did you guys think of their rap? Could you imagine your dads (or you) trying to pull something like this off? I'd argue that while they might be poking fun at themselves, they clearly are cool enough to create something like this. Spread this videos if you thought it was as hilarious as I did, and let the dads out there know that we think they are cool no matter what.